Introducing Ideal Wellness Center


Ideal Wellness Center

Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists is proud to announce the introduction of an Ideal Wellness Center to our list of growing centers. Our dedication to providing exceptional care is exemplified by our board-certified physicians, whose goal has always been to promote an active, healthy lifestyle through the use of the latest medical technology and the most innovative treatments and programs.

In partnership with Ideal Protein, the scientific method offered by our center is a medically-designed ketogenic protocol implemented through a 4-phase program personalized to each patient in one-on-one weekly support and education sessions. By eating high biological protein foods, the protocol helps to reduce fat while maintaining muscle mass, teaching our patients how to develop smarter eating habits in order to meet medical goals, achieve even better surgical outcomes and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Patients who may suffer from different conditions including type II diabetes, pre-diabetics, inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, fatigue and more may all benefit from the insulin-glucagon level balancing effects of our ketogenic protocol.

Achieving your goals thru the use of the latest medical technology.

Learning the fundamentals of food and how it impacts your body.

Focusing on developing smarter eating habits and lifestyle living.

Phase 4

Maintaining your ideal weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

You must make a change to see a change.

Dani Polen

Kellie Thigpen

Kellie, a former Ideal Protein patient, has been a Wellness Coach for over a year now. Kellie successfully completed the Ideal Protein Protocol over two years ago and continues to maintain her healthier lifestyle. She is her patients’ biggest advocate as she can relate to their challenges and encourage them to continue their pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Vonda Moshenrose

Vonda Moshenrose

Vonda is an educator by trade and a wellness coach by choice. She enjoys being active; sailing, bike riding, boating, and walking her two Labradoodles. Vonda is committed to making healthy eating easy and fun in order to help her patients live their own active lifestyles and do the things they love.

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